In-School Program

The CDI program gives children a basic understanding of the fundamentals of movement, rhythm and music in structured, energetic dance classes with live musical accompaniment. Classes are taught during school hours, as part of the academic curriculum. CDI builds upon the school curriculum by collaborating with classroom teachers on skills-building, lesson topics and visual art projects. Students perform in mid-point and culminating in-school performances for their friends, family and peers.

After-School Programs

Students from each school who exhibit particular enthusiasm and commitment are invited to attend the after-school SWAT (Scholarships for the Willing, Achieving and Talented) practices.  SWAT dancers learn more advanced steps and choreography especially designed for their talent level.  Advanced SWAT members may graduate to the after-school Celebration Teams. Advanced teams often perform in community events throughout the year.

What We Do

Our students work hard, striving for excellence in every class and every performance. The goal at CDI is to teach students to always do their best. Don't just reach up. Reach for the stars!

Event of the Year

Each May, the Event of the Year productions bring together SWAT and Celebration teams from all participating schools for performances in professional theaters. Over 250 students perform with a live band, costumes and projected backdrops.

CDI’s Event of the Year show is an especially important component of our overall program.  Many of the children who participate have never been exposed to live theater in a professional venue.  They spend three intense days rehearsing and performing—and the transformation over those days is extraordinary.

Past Performances