CDI is a nonprofit arts education organization that teaches life and learning skills through dance and music. CDI’s mission is to motivate children to develop a personal standard of excellence by instilling confidence, discipline and focus through the rigor and joy of dance.

Carole Valleskey, Founder & Artistic Director                      Rebecca Wink, Managing Director


CDI is Dreaming of a Bright Holiday …



Thank you for all you do to make dreams come true for the children of California Dance Institute. We couldn’t make their dreams come true without you!





  • cdi parent reviews and testimonials

    Parents of CDI students are big fans!

    “Your program is wonderful and I am truly grateful for the time that you gave Leonard.” 
    - Martha, Parent 


  • cdi student reviews and testimonials

    CDI classes teach students many lessons.

    I learned never to give up and to believe in yourself.” 
    - Maribel, 4th Grade 


  • cdi student reviews and testimonials

    Educators and Administrators attest to the impact that CDI has on children.

    "CDI - is contagious! The piano tunes move their little inner musical souls!"
    -Mr. Lopez, 4th Grade Classroom Teacher



CDI thanks the California Arts Council and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and all our donors for their continued support of our programming!

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